Developing Your Spirituality – Ways To Feel Extreme Emotion


The ways to feel extreme emotions can actually be attained through a proper and a divine development of our spirituality. It is necessary to stress from the on set that extreme emotions could be positive or negative to different people. This is more determined by the ways our spirituality is developed.


Emotion simply means strong feeling of love or excitement. It could also be a mental or bodily reaction (as anger or fear). The second meaning is “marked by strong feelings and physiological responses that prepares the body for action”.

1)The first scenario paints the picture of a spiritually conscious being who has realized his “Over-Self” and a “co-worker” with God. He beams with extreme emotions, always seeing God in everything around him, loves every face with excitement and always helping others in selfless services to God and man. He knows that he is already in that kingdom of God, others are still dreaming about daily.

2)The second situation of extreme emotions represents someone who has not developed spirituality but claims to be a believer in God; and already is undergoing some physical and spiritual difficulties. He wakes up at mid-night with a nightmarish experience, being chased by some wild animals e.g lions, leopards or even cows without any defense against them. The believer in his experience has extreme emotions of fears, and anger against some unknown forces that torment him daily in his sleep. Get to know how your spiritual development has placed you by reading the following classification of spirituality claims.


A critical examination of these few presentations will no doubt put you in the best position to place yourself so that you may take the next step best for your spiritual development instead of mere claims of spirituality. REVEALED!!!

1)Do you know that there are spiritual cults that are not Godly at all but pretend to be so?

2)Do you also know that there are spiritual beings who mingle with normal and ignorant people in some mammoth gathering daily only to cause devilish problems for all?

3)You must be conscious of mere believers in God who have no proof of his existence anywhere?

4)Do you also know that some followers who visit the worship houses merely pray to God only at week ends? 5)Do you know that some academically trained men of God just read the scriptures to claim spiritual – development only to use the scriptures to their advantages?

6)Do you also know that some professionally and ecclesiastically prepared priests (not lay and temporal) may actually have the foundation of the spiritual cults of mermaid, familiar spirits, witchcraft etc?

7)Do you consciously know that those who truly sought the face of the Living Master received his divine knowledge are those to become co-workers with the Word-Made-Flesh? or God-in-Expression Power forever?


The presentation of Jesus here tells us on the need to meet with the Living Perfect Master to be truly free to develop our spirituality. John (4:14) whosoever drinks of this water I shall give him shall never thirst, but the water I shall give him shall be in him a well of water springing up with everlasting life”. “Ye worship ye know not what, we know what worship for salvation is of the Jews”.

“God is a spirit and they that worship him must worship him in spirit and in truth”. Proverb (18.15) “the heart of the prudent gets knowledge and the ear of the wise seeks for knowledge”.


1)The seeking for divine knowledge from the Master like Jesus and John at that time were the only genuine way to develop spirituality and experience extreme emotions. 2)The Masters, the Sat guru and the Saints only teach how to worship for salvation hence you must look for one as they are available in our life time. 3)Since God is a spirit and he has also created us to be physical and spiritual in nature, worshiping God just physically without doing it in spirit and truth is an exercise in futility. 4)This is the best time to seek after the divine knowledge of the Masters of this age as a wise person, for here lie the true spirituality development and extreme emotional expression.


The achievement of extreme positive emotions is a possibility when one is spiritually developed as explained above. How do you identify this caliber of spiritually developed people? What gives them these extreme positive emotions?

1)Those who are truly developed spiritually feel extreme emotions in their lives for knowing their “Over-Self” through the daily practice of divine knowledge given only by the Sat guru, the Master or Saint of the time.

2)The God-in-Expression-Power brings extreme emotional feeling of love and fulfillment to the devotees who is now able to save people from dying spiritually. The Master can lead an adept to free the spirits of your loved ones from spiritual prisons, graves and dungeons etc.

3)It is awesome, more than any physical experience one can have to know your “Over-Self” who is the Word-Made-Flesh, the Sat guru, who is to work with you forever as a co-worker with God in spirit and in truth.

4)One must feel extreme emotion when you can now leave your body at will to solve your problems and those of others as directed by the Master. You have suddenly become a divine soldier of light for peace for all humanity.

5)There is no need over stressing the fact as a spiritually developed worker with God you can now over-come nightmares commonly experience by ordinary believers in God, but do not know him from within. Now you are spiritually conscious that it is the grace of the Master that does everything around you spiritually.

6)What can be more ecstatic than knowing that one is not just his body. Man is more of his “Over-Self” the spiritual makeup of man. Now you know that you are an extension of the Master, God, Sat guru or Saint of the time.

7)One becomes extremely joyous, when one discovers the causes of man’s main spiritual and physical problems and now has the spiritual ability to solve them.

8)The ability to step across the physical plane into the spiritual continuum to unravel the mysteries of daily mind – boggling activities of negative forces of darkness gives a lot of joy, love, extreme emotions and what have you? Your ability to develop your spirituality so as to realize the best ways to feel extreme emotion comes at the right time for you to change your life for the best. You may have the best time ever to quickly address the development of your spirituality now and feel extreme positive emotion for the rest of your life.

Mamudu Omosah N Obagah wrote this article about Developing your spirituality – ways to feel extreme emotion. He is a Professor of Educational Evaluation from the University of Ibadan, now based at the Rivers State University of Education Port Harcourt and also had an MBA in Business Admin, Postgraduate Dip. in Journalism and others. He recieved the Divine Knowledge of Satguru Maharajji in 1986. His 26 years in the practice of Divine Knowledge has revealed to him why humanity is suffering. He is a very successful professor in all his chosen areas of endeavour. He has written some very unique books about the Satguru Maharajji. He has dedicated his life to the service of humanity. He now presents lectures,seminars, write articles, blogs about self-improvement, religions, spirituality, divinity to enhance man’s total freedom from continous damnation and dehumanization, irrespective of their belief system. He is very endowed to educate, guide, counsel, exchange ideas and opinions with all humanity that are keenly interested in meeting with their creator alive. The One Love Family of Satguru Maharajji enables man to realize himself. Please join me to save humanity from self-destruction. Email:

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